Sensate Sense
The Do It Yourself (DIY) Project App

Sensate Sense helps you make your own custom projects

Build the optimal solution for your application – either according to one of our tutorials or completely based on your own ideas!

Grab an ESP8266 microcontroller (e.g. on a ESP-12, NodeMCU or WeMos D1 developer board) and use its features without ever having to program it yourself. You just connect the right sensors for your solution and then configure them with our app easily. By using the Sense application, your hardware becomes the perfect data logger, with easy access to your temperature, humidity, pressure (and more) data from anywhere.

You can now connect your electronic hardware easily with IFTTT, and therefore enable endless possibilities by interacting with other services.

Sense was developed to observe and record various environmental factors (temperature, humidity, etc.). The data is transmitted via WiFi so you can get an overview of the collected data – anytime and anywhere! The app is already available for Android and iOS and is constantly being expanded by new features.

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By the way: Other chips like the ESP32 and some Arduino boards will be supported as well soon. Exciting features such as the (low power) battery mode, which will offer a battery life of up to a year with 4 AA batteries, are also currently under development.

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Sensate Sense - The Do It Yourself (DIY) Project App

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