Firmware Flash Guide

To be able to connect your projects to our platform, you need to install our software (also called firmware) on your hardware. Only with this software, your microcontroller (we call this component “bridge”) is able to communicate with our platform.

The firmware is compatible with many variants of the ESP8266:

  • ESP12 variants (ESP-12e, ESP-12f, ESP-12s,…)
  • ESP07 variants
  • NodeMCU variants (v2, v3,…)
  • WeMos D1 variants
  • and many more!

The following instructions will help you to flash the Sensate firmware:

How to flash program an ESP8266 ESP12

Hardware wiring instructions

If you don’t use a developer board like the NodeMCU or WeMos D1 Mini, you probably have to wire your chip properly first. For the ESP-12 and ESP-07 we have prepared a tutorial:

Instructions: How to prepare your ESP8266 (ESP-12) for flashing

Programming / flashing instructions

This section describes how to load the firmware onto the chip.

Click here for our instructions for Mac and Linux
Click here for our instructions for Windows

Firmware Tools

Coming soon: the Sensate Firmware Tool for Android

Firmware Download

Find here the firmware for microcontrollers/boards with ESP8266 chip

Firmware Source Code

Find here the source code for microcontrollers/boards with ESP8266 chip

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